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The term 'Other Only Windows' is found in

Samuel Beckett's hauntingly beautiful short play


" ... so in the end, close of a long day,

in the end went and sat, went back in and sat at her window,

let up the blind and sat, quiet at her window, only window,

facing other windows, other only windows ... "

Other Only Windows ...

 seems an apt name for a life

spent walking open roads, 

saying hello and thank you, 

in multiple tongues, in multiple countries, 

cultures, religions, and norms ...

through marriage and family,

and many 'careers' ...

all, in some way, leading to here,

each, in some way,

bringing me near, 

to an end,

the end, 

the end of this,

all of this,

to the end of all of this.  

Chloe Chappell, dancer, in Terrifying, 2021


Rachel Horowitz, May, Sameul

Beckett's Footfalls, 2022

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