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Pot Pourri

Malachy McCourt

In this short video from October, 2020, Malachy McCourt discusses his views on a variety of topics including the then upcoming presidential election.  His wit is infectious! 

Broken Theatre - In Process

In this video, choreographer Bobbi Jene Smith shows a process of creating experimental theatre - searching, surprises, with no pre-learned skills, simply an openness to the journey.

Experimental Theatre In Progress 

This piece, Requiem for a Stranger, is a work in progress by NOLA based Vagabond Inventions.

Clown Theatre

A short piece by Licidei Teatr. While this happens to be funny, clown theatre can run the gamut from tragedy, stark drama, romance, comedy and it need not involve red-noses, circus clothing, etc.


Jane Abling and Frederica Lewis in 

Eclipsed, 2018.

Puppet Theatre

Based on traditional Japanese puppet theatre (bunraku), Tom Lee creates something uniquely beautiful.   See his website here and a sampling of his roots and work here.

Here is another puppet theatre artist worth exploring, Torry Bend, who, among other things, teaches at Duke University in Durham, NC.

The Body as Canvas

Alexa Meade paints on the human body and three-dimensional spaces, creating the illusion that our reality is a two-dimensional painting.  See her work here.

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