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Sat., June 25, 9a-6p, in-person, location TBD. 

Call backs, if needed, Sun., June 26.  

Sign up for a 15-min. time slot below.

Pls. bring a bio and headshot and come early.

Aug Draft.jpg

Roles (All Adult Age Ranges Welcome)

Eh, Joe - 1 Man - silent, only reacts to the voice of a woman. Requires strong physical acting.  Audition:  physically reacting to sound of her voice.

Lisa, My Friend - 1 Woman - her mouth faster than her brain.  Shy, manic,   

non-stop energy .  Audition:  reading/performance of sides.

Come On Over - 1 Woman, 1 Man.  Him, a former priest.  Her, once his lover.  Traded monologues.  Mature themes and language.  


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