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Three  seldom-seen, moving pieces

so exemplary of the Nobel Laureate's dramatic work and of his view of his ‘fit’, or lack thereof, in 20th century theatre.


Xerxes Mehta termed some of Beckett’s shorter works ghost plays, not about meaning, rather atmosphere:  the sensory impact of rhythm, sight, sound, light.  A ‘place’, Beckett said, in which he felt he belonged.

Renowned theatre artist Anne Bogart described Beckett’s short dramas as having characters, if any, speaking, if at all, to the void. 

Edward Albee said that to judge the success of a Beckett play is to stand in the back of the house, with eyes closed, listening to the balance of sound and silence.  If one’s spine tingles, it is a success.


This program, performed by a superb cast, is designed to do just that.  Come, experience a side of Beckett you may not have experienced and judge for yourselves.

Meet the Cast

Brilyn BW.png

Brilyn Johnston



Brilyn is a 13-yr-old highly experienced singer, dancer and actress.  Among other roles, she toured 14 months with the Lion King, throughout the US and parts of Canada.

She is the ‘soul’ of the show.

Rachel BW.png

Rachel Horowitz

May, Footfalls


Rachel has acted for nearly 20 years, is a playwright and is a regular cast member with the Chatham Community Players in Pittsboro. She is a valued 6th grade teacher and theater mentor. 

Brooke BW.png

Brooke Edwards

Footfalls, Ohio Impromptu


Brooke studied Beckett at Trinity College, aired his radio plays in 2021 and is an award-winning actress, teacher, mentor, guide and Director of the Imperial Center for the Arts and Sciences, Rocky Mount.


Deb Royals

Ohio Impromptu, Rockaby


Deb, a fixture in local theatre circles, has devoted much of her life to efforts to build community via the arts.  A Beckett student, she has opened her heart, and the Pure Life venue, to his works.

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