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Our mission includes: to combat  childhood hunger in our communities.  Here's what that means.

Other Only Windows began in 2010 as a small professional theatre company in St. Louis, MO.  In 2019, life happened - a brief move to TX then in 2020 on to  Wake Forest,  NC.  

From the outset we believed if the number of kids in our area went to bed hungry on closing  night as did on opening  night, then, no matter how grand the show, all that effort, time and money was for naught.

Thus we began donating to Operation Backpack in STL based on # of audience and continue to do so in NC, to Backpack Buddies.

These two programs, Backpack Buddies and Operation Backpack, provide food for needy kids so they will have nutritious meals over weekends when not in school.  Check them out via the links provided.  But know:


If you take in an Other Only Windows production (live, on film, streaming, et al), regardless of what you  think of the show (and we hope you'll love it), you will have provided nutritious meals to needy kids  in our communities.  We are truly grateful to you for that.

We must not allow childhood hunger to persist!


LaVell Thompson, Of Human Kindness,


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