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Objects - Found and Created

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How to Mend a Broken World - Tryptic - Wood, Molten Metal, Colored Glass, Paint, Stone, Torched Wood


Wood, Molten Metal, Colored Glass, Stone

Striving to Live - Tryptic - Wood, Stone, Hammered Lead

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Mahatma, Martin, Mother Theresa

Prints on Art Paper

Lafayette Square - St. Louis

Linoleum Block Cut Print

In Animi Regis - Linoleum Block Print

''In the heart of the king, there lives a worm, his name is Man.''

Yard Art - An Phoblacht - 3' x 5'

Wood, Paint, Steel Straps, Bolts, Torched Wood


Carved Wood, Stain


Maple, Walnut, African Blackwood

Stained / Leaded Glass

Free-hanging Piece

Stained / Leaded Glass

In Front Door of House on Holly Hills

Micmac Stone Axe Head

Found on a logger trail on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada

Shovel People

Inspired by the Welded Art of Patrick Conroy - Used as Cast Members in Various Plays - 15 in All

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