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Warp Threads

Warp Threads - a phrase arising from the weaver's trade - are the long strands of spun fiber tied onto the front beam of a loom (birth), extending thru the narrow slits, called 'dents,' of the reed, thru the several rising and falling heddles attached to various numbers of harnesses, each harness tethered to one or more treadles (life's many twists and turns), finally tied to the back beam of the loom (death).

Yes, warp threads.  Without them there is no cloth.  They are the glue, the infrastructure, the essence of a piece of cloth.  They are the essence of our lives.  Often unseen, yet without which there is nothing.

Below are links to our warp threads.  Activities, attempts to create, to express, to realize one's self via the media at our disposal.  As no single warp thread is ''good'', ''bad'', ''better or worse'', no single strand of the fabric of our being can be so judged.  They simply are.  These are humbly and simply our warp threads.






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